CriticalMass Podcast

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Two semi-educated guys with opinions that talk about everything from politics to pop culture. We skewer the norm and frankly don't care how you feel about it. We're rude, crude, and...blude? I don't that a word? Anyway, we're heavy on politics and current events and we have awesome interviews with interesting people. If you have little to no respect for yourself, check us out.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Critical Mass - Season 1.Episode 2 - 3:12:17 the wind storm of '17

    Doesn't sound great but hey its gotta start somewhere dammit! ...


  2. CriticalMass - Episode 3 - 3/19/17 Mike Pence Asks a Gay Dude

    "Brothers gotta Hug" on our first "Guested" episode, Jason breaks down the economics of the hood and being Gay. ...


  3. CriticalMass 3.26.17 - Episode 4 Adam Rules!!!!!

    Dan and The Rocness Monster talk to local artist, and friend, Adam about the unveiling of our new logo!! We talk education, dreams, lost love, and you know, stuff. ...


  4. CriticalMass - 4.2.17 - Episode 5 Hipsters and their damn music!

    We're speaking with our guest Dominic...about music, the Catholic Church, Mike Pence, and the anus. ...


  5. CriticalMass - Episode 6 - 4:9:17 - 4:15:17 Syria and the rest of the dirtys

    Our distinguished Guest Andrew talks tanks, bombs and SCUD missiles, and I'm not talking about Rocness' Flatulence. ...