CriticalMass Podcast

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Two semi-educated guys with opinions that talk about everything from politics to pop culture. We skewer the norm and frankly don't care how you feel about it. We're rude, crude, and...blude? I don't that a word? Anyway, we're heavy on politics and current events and we have awesome interviews with interesting people. If you have little to no respect for yourself, check us out.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. CriticalMass - Episode 7 - 4:23:17 If you like films part2

    Joe, Dan and the moronic Rocness monster finish up an epic episode about movies. ...


  2. CriticalMass - S2 - Premiere - 7:2:17 Beards bro

    Beards and men. What else do you need from me!? Dave from Genesee Beard Co. talks mens fashion and pitbulls. ...


  3. CriticalMass - Episode 9 - 5:21:17 dump trump

    With no guest, Rocness and dan sharpen their teeth and go after Trump and that low-life goalie from the Lacrosse game. ...


  4. CriticalMass - Episode 8 - 5.7.17 beans and Jiyna nail it!

    Beans and Jiyna talk politics, healthcare and being nice to the power company. ...


  5. CriticalMass - S2 - Ep 2 - 7:9:17 Donkey Punching the skeptics

    Dr. Richard Cox makes his first appearance on the show. Dr. Cox silences the skeptics may I just say, has an incredible under-the-table reach. ...