CriticalMass Podcast

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Two semi-educated guys with opinions that talk about everything from politics to pop culture. We skewer the norm and frankly don't care how you feel about it. We're rude, crude, and...blude? I don't that a word? Anyway, we're heavy on politics and current events and we have awesome interviews with interesting people. If you have little to no respect for yourself, check us out.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. CriticalMass - S2 - Ep 5 - 8.6.17 I wish I had a bigger middle finger

    We lost a friend, brother, roommate and big fan of the show. We take time to remember a man who fought through his struggles and warmed our hearts with his laughter and often provided the soundtrack to our lives. ...


  2. CriticalMass - S2 - Ep 6 - 8:13:17 Eat, Pray, DickSoak

    Our Guest Billy lifts our spirits and tells us how to overcome failure. Doesn't seem to work for Rocness though! ...


  3. CriticalMass - S2 - Ep 7 - 8:20:17 Pt 1 Born Against

    In Part One of this episode Rocness, Dan and their friend Matt discuss Matt's on and off again relationship with a dirty middle eastern Man named Jesus. ...


  4. CriticalMass - S2 - Ep 7 - 8:20:17 Pt2 Born Against

    Part two of this epic episode and we don't hold back. Matt tells all and Rocness drinks way too much. ...


  5. CriticalMass - S2 - Finale - 8:27:17

    Pray for us! ...