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Two semi-educated guys with opinions that talk about everything from politics to pop culture. We skewer the norm and frankly don't care how you feel about it. We're rude, crude, and...blude? I don't that a word? Anyway, we're heavy on politics and current events and we have awesome interviews with interesting people. If you have little to no respect for yourself, check us out.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Season 13 - Ep 3 - Chris - “Mitchell Josephine McConnell”

    Season 13 - Ep 3 - Chris - “Mitchell Josephine McConnell” Dan and the RocnessMonster are chatting with their friend Chris about the RPD constantly using excessive force, Facebook opinions, racism in the police, Rochester making national news for torturing a child, the MyPillow guy, Biden’s appointment of his Pillow Guy, ...


  2. Season 13 - Ep 2 - Ruben - “Goddamn Trump Coins!”

    Season 13 - Ep 2 - Ruben - “Goddamn Trump Coins!” Dan and the RocnessMonster are chatting with their buddy Ruben!!! Ruben is here to discuss his new book coming out: “The Illusion Witch.” (Link to the Kickstarter below. CONTRIBUTE!!!) We also discuss the Capitol Insurrection, holding Biden accountable, Q, conspiracy ...


  3. Season - 13 - Premiere - “Inauguration Madness!”

    Season - 13 - Premiere - “Inauguration Madness!” Dan and the RocnessMonster ARE BACK for an new and EPIC season of CriticalMass!!! We talk about the Capitol Insurrection, Trump being gone, Biden’s inauguration, gun lovers, QAnon, sweet sweet irony, and useless furniture stores. Just because Biden has been sworn in...Black Lives Still ...


  4. Silent Nights Special 2020

    Silent Nights Special 2020 Dan writes this short story about Christmas. A heart warming tale of a family...and a Christ....sorry Holiday Future! Voice Acting by Andrew and Krissy (special thank you to them both for their awesome performances) Dan did nothing and an awful job and he's a bad person. Enjoy! CriticalMass stands with ...


  5. Season M - Finale - “For The Rich”

    Season M - Finale - “For The Rich” Dan and the RocnessMonster talk about the economy, Trump being the worst, trickle down economics doesn’t work, tax cuts for the rich, pro-life for the rich: conservative logic, Covid stupidity, affirmative action and white privilege, living in a very unsafe world, wearing masks, ...