CriticalMass Podcast

Season 13 - Finale- Russ - Very Fine People

CriticalMass Podcast
Season 13 - Finale- Russ - Very Fine People

Season 13 - Finale- Russ - Very Fine People


Dan and the RocnessMonster talk to Russ about history repeating itself, America being in a bad place, talking to young people about the events of the insurrection, living in Charlottesville after the protest/riot, the south still celebrating the confederacy, confederate statues and monuments, getting vaccinated, mass shootings, gun control and a whole lotta hoopla!


Hey everyone! Had an amazing season, we love you all! We will be back in a few weeks with awesome new episodes!  


Just because Biden has been sworn in...Black Lives Still Matter…





The Rona ain’t no joke….





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