CriticalMass Podcast

Season D - Ep 8 - Bob (Gutsy Media) - Bob Made Me Do It

CriticalMass Podcast
Season D - Ep 8 - Bob (Gutsy Media) - Bob Made Me Do It

Season D - Ep 8 - Bob (Gutsy Media) - Bob Made Me Do It

Dan and the RocnessMonster chat with Bob from Gutsy Media Podcast. We have a ton of fun talking about Pride Month, Kamala Harris being a liar, bitcoin being a national currency, Central America, immigration in the US, we break down The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, find our episode with an actual EVP of a woman speaking and you’ll get a prize back from Gutsy Media Podcast (must send us the clip), pedestrians crossing, Dan’s mental illness regarding seafood, and proper customer service at a hotel.

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