Season 17 - Ep 5 - Underwear, Bagel, Toast

February 19, 2022 01:21:59
Season 17 - Ep 5 - Underwear, Bagel, Toast
CriticalMass Podcast
Season 17 - Ep 5 - Underwear, Bagel, Toast

Feb 19 2022 | 01:21:59


Show Notes

Season 17 - Ep 5 - Underwear, Bagel, Toast


Dan and the RocnessMonster chat with Kris about Ottawa Truckers, pink eye, old apartments, anti-vaxxers, Kanye needing help, music art versus what is something we like, fame and what it brings, mental health, being a spouse to someone battling cancer,  being a troll for fun, don’t take Facebook seriously because its stupid, Dan being in trouble with a bunny suit on, pillow protectors and utility sinks a shakin, boopin ain’t easy, and self checkout stupidity….


Check in on your friends that are battling things you know or maybe don’t know. We cannot thank Kris enough for coming on and talking to us about how she’s holding up with being an amazing wife and overall amazing person in supporting her husband who is battling cancer.


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